Mother’s Jewelry Box by Daza


Mother’s Jewelry Box by Daza

25,000.00 20,000.00

At Daza Jewelry, we believe jewelry comfort for every mum is essential. We understand the uniqueness of each woman and how the journey to motherhood could feel quite overwhelming.

Yet, mothers still need to look beautiful and fashionable. That’s why we created our Upgrade your Jewelry Box Program (UJB by Daza Jewelry).

The Upgrade your Jewelry Box Program is targeted towards ensuring we bring our affordable and stunning jewelry package to mothers to make it easy to find jewelry that match their wardrobe for special events

With this jewelry package, mums are kitted with the essential items for any event they’ll be going to. They are guaranteed to look absolutely gorgeous.

So, what is contained in this box?

With UJB, we’ve curated 6 of our best-selling jewelry pieces in a box so you can get more for less and you never have to shop for jewelry in a long time.

Our jewelry pieces are all colorful tassel pieces because they are lightweight, very colorful to spice up any outfit.

The box of jewelry contains 6 pieces ( 4 earrings & 2 necklaces) and costs N25,000. Special sale price of N20,000 for LagosMums
Kendra Tassle Earring


LagosMums and Daza Mother's Jewelry Box